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In general, Iran's cakes and cookies products have had a good fortune in neighboring countries. Although Iranian cake and cookie products are now available in most Countries of the Middle East and some European countries and America and often to meet the market needs of Iranians living in these countries, the volume of exports to Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and Russia has been of particular importance in terms of their trade relations and interactions with Iran. The important and common point in all cases is to pay attention to the importance of proper packaging and high quality of exported products. It seems that respected exporters should pay attention to these items along with paying attention to the purchase invoice price. Another point is the possibility of continuing to buy at a fixed price within a few months so that exporters can introduce the product without fluctuation in the destination country. This is very important due to the high currency fluctuations at the moment. Also, these products should have a longer expiry date to have enough time to be shipped and sold in the country of destination. Our experts in this sector also accompany the respected exporters by offering the best offers (based on purchase volume) and ensuring quality and price stability.

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