Twin cakes/breakfast cakes/ 50-60 gr cakes for export/Cakes with fillings/Bicolor cakes

These are generally a variety of cakes considered with applicants in the cake market. Twin cakes mainly have a very good market in the country, but some manufacturers reduce the quality of packaging in order to reduce consumer prices, which will have a negative effect, especially in the export sector. In this regard, our experts guide the respected buyers by offering options that are both in terms of price and product quality and clearly better packaging. Also, the existence of products with low weight and high quality and packaging, in the current economic conditions inside the country, as well as according to the tastes of neighboring countries can bring high sales and good profitability. Dear buyers are sometimes looking for a high variety of products, but field surveys of markets show that generally in the market of cakes and cookies some types are more popular. Therefore, our consultants will introduce you the best-selling cakes and cookies products for the domestic market as well as neighboring countries so that the wrong investment does not happen in this regard.

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