Wholesale and purchase of cakes and cookies

In general, the market of buying and selling cakes and cookies in Iran and neighboring countries has always enjoyed a high level of prosperity, so that despite the economic fluctuations, this market has not lost its prosperity and is still in every shop or small store or Large, a significant part of the shelves is dedicated to all kinds of cakes and cookies. Perhaps the reason for this problem can be seen in the significant per capita consumption of cakes, cookies and biscuits in the shopping basket of consumers.
The candy and chocolate industry is known as one of the main groups in the food industry. At the world level, more than 50% of the sales of these products include cakes, cookies, and biscuits, followed by chocolate, cocoa, and finally jelly products. At the country level, according to published statistics, the share of the food industry in the value of annual production has grown by about 308% from 1375 to 1395. The annual per capita consumption of biscuits and industrial sweets (including all kinds of cakes, cookies, cookies and wafers) is 10 kilos per person. All this was mentioned in order to consider the importance of this group both in the country and in the world.
On the other hand, people who are active in this market as a wholesaler or a wholesaler with the aim of wholesale distribution or export of cakes and cookies, are always at a crossroads on how to buy products in such a way that they have a significant profit and high sales. . However, if a stronger brand is known in the market, it generally considers a small profit margin for wholesalers, bankers and exporters, and also creates difficult and competitive cooperation conditions for new people, because representatives and wholesalers, bankers and exporters are already known. has chosen itself over the years. In the meantime, some bankers, major distributors and exporters are looking to identify new and high quality products and brands that, while guaranteeing a high profit margin for them, will bring them the possibility of exporting or distribution and exclusive sales. Obviously, if they are successful in introducing or in popular terms, placing these new products in the domestic market or in the field of export, they will get a lot of profit.
This article aims to examine the various aspects of wholesale purchase, wholesale sale and export of cakes and cookies in Iran and neighboring countries and to answer the usual questions of investors and buyers in this regard. Based on this, the keywords that are generally important for the buyers of cakes and cookies are reviewed and criticized separately.

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